Business studies

Business English At Radcliffe College

The Business English course at Radcliffe College is designed to both meet the individual needs of the students, and aims to cover the main topics that business students should expect to study.

These include Management, Sales and Marketing, Finance and Accounting, Productions and Operations, Human Resources, International Trade, Economic and Social Context, Information Technology, Cultural Awareness and Business News.  These topics are covered in business frameworks where students are expected to bring their own experience into problem solving exercises.  The development of presentation skills is also encouraged and specific business vocabulary is developed around each topic.

There is also an opportunity to study for and take the Cambridge University Business English Certificate (BEC Preliminary, Vantage or Higher level) exams.  This covers the four main English language skills of reading, writing, listening and speaking in the business context.  The importance of keeping ‘up-to-date’ on business trends is also emphasised through the use of authentic materials.

Students should have a business background and preferably should have worked in some kind of management position in their own country.  However, this is not absolutely essential.  Intermediate level English or above is also expected of students before starting.

Whether you are looking for a course as a stepping stone to further business education, are hoping to start your own business at home or abroad or just hope to broaden your business English, Radcliffe College has the business course for you.